Thanks to more than a century of tradition, a never-ending creativity and to flexible industrial tools, our chefs can find the ideal solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s needs. They provide to our customers trend setting products which generate successes in France and on International markets.


Retail / Food service wholesalers / frozen-food shops / bakery and fast food chains.

A full range suited to the bakery, pastry, catering, savory and snacking outlet areas. Our know-how is at your disposal to find the right “ready to order” or “custom made” products for each of your shop’s corner.

Over a century of tradition as a key asset of our know-how with a large range of starters, ready to serve dishes, snacking products and fine desserts. All these products can be created upon customers’ own specific requirements.

Our products are fully adapted to frozen food specialists for all types of consumptions, from every day eating to festive gatherings. For each of these moments, we have a solution for your business.

Close for the best possible creativity : to optimize the ongoing innovation process, our chefs are very attentive to your needs and market’s evolutions. This is the best way to offer differentiated and successful products in line with your business expectations.

Our French culinary expertise is present in 10 countries, for which the R&D team adapts the products and taste to each nation’s specificities.

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